Stuffed Kong Dog Chew Toys: End Destructive Chewing

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Mental Stimulation?

Giving your dog stuffed Kong dog chew toys can relieve separation anxiety in your dog. Separation anxiety can take the form of destructive chewing. Stuffed Kong dog chew toys provide your dog with much needed mental stimulation to pass the time when you’re away from home. kongstuffed Stuffed Kong Dog Chew Toys: End Destructive Chewing If our dogs were living in the wild… they would run in packs and spend a great deal of time hunting and chasing their food. The activity of hunting for food would provide our dogs with much needed exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. Unfortunately, our home bound pets usually don’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation.

Is Your Dog Home Alone For Hours?

When domesticated dogs are left home alone they tend to become bored and begin to feel isolated and confined. The stress of loneliness and boredom usually results in destructive behavior… such as  chewing on your personal stuff. To ease their loneliness… dogs will usually follow their noses and choose something to chew on that reminds them of their owners. That’s why items like shoes and socks are so highly coveted by the family pet. But many pet owners know first hand that lonely dogs will chew anything that they can get their teeth on.

End Destructive Behavior – Put Your Dog To Work

A great way to prevent these types of behavioral problems is to make our domesticated canines do what comes naturally to them – hunt for their food. By making our dogs hunt for their food we can significantly reduce and even eliminate destructive chewing and other bad dog behavior. And by making them work for their food once they find it… you can keep your dog happily engaged for hours on end. Stuffed Kong dog chew toys filled with your dog’s favorite dog treats are the perfect solution for a dog that is home alone for many hours. Just fill these high performance dog chew toys with your dog’s favorite treats and hide them around the house. Your dog won’t be able to resist sniffing out these treat filled treasures and will be stimulated for hours with each tasty catch. These toys also bounce unpredictably when dropped so when your dog drops one – watch out because the chase will be on. Create Yummy Recipes for Your Dog’s Kong

Keep Your Dog Busy And Out of Trouble For Hours

So, try some stuffed Kong dog chew toys and see how they keep your pet out of trouble for hours. No more destructive chewing or other inappropriate behavior caused by loneliness and boredom. Stuffed Kong dog toys encourage hours of play and chewing by continually rewarding your dog with little bits of tasty treats as your dog chews on it for hours. And since you’re going to stuff your dog’s Kong chew toy with irresistible dog treats… your pet will be busy working for hours to get at every last bit of that yummy filling.

Some dog owners find that their dogs do great if they feed them exclusively with stuffed Kong dog chew toys. Depending on how many treat filled Kongs you give your dog… each day remember to adjust your dog’s daily food bowl rations accordingly. These classic chew toys are made from a highly durable and resilient dog-safe rubber that has stood the test of time. Choose the best size stuffed Kong dog chew toys based on your dog’s breed or size and chewing temperament. Your dog will love these treat filled toys!

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