The Right Small Dog Sweaters Can Really Make A Fashion Statement

There are sooo … many fashion opportunities to show off your special small dog sweaters. What’s better than showing up at the big game with your dog all dressed up in the team colors that demonstrate her true school spirit? Or in an elegant ensemble that simply sparkles with class for the big fundraiser or holiday gala? For the fashion conscious dog owner, almost any event presents an opportunity to show off your proud pooch’s collection of favorite matching outfits. And adding new finds to your special collection can be a joy as well as a challenge.

Where To Find The Small Dog Sweaters You’re Looking For

But just where can you find those perfect small dog sweaters that will be just right for all the events you have penciled in your calendar? Here’s where we come in to help … because there’s a bit more to that perfect fashion outfit than just the right color match. We want to help you choose the small dog sweaters that are not only fashionable … but have the required features for you little runway model.

The Practical Side Of Fashion

How many times have you been captivated by a gorgeous small dog sweater only to find out when you got it home that something wasn’t right? Maybe it didn’t have the openings for the leash or harness that you use, or you needed to remove it every time you let the dog out in the yard, or it had a laced closure that kept getting caught on things and would rip the stitching of the sweater. Even the prettiest of small dog sweaters or elegant dog outfits needs to be practical enough to justify your dog wearing it.

Pretty outfits should be proudly displayed in public, not added to the unused stack in the back of the closet. Think about the way your dog will use the outfit and make sure it has all of the conveniences you expect. You’ll also want to check to see if the fabric is machine washable or if it will require special care. If you’re like me, you’ll probably want your dog’s everyday small dog sweaters to be machine washable. But I’m also ok with some of the special outfits having special care instructions. That way, my dog always has a clean outfit ready at hand in case she gets carried away romping with toys in the yard or enthusiastically enjoying the occasional puddle.

And if your dog likes to chew on things, be careful about outfits that carry large decorative buttons or sequins that may disturb your dog’s digestive system if swallowed. I’ve found that Velcro closures work great and prefer them over laces or buttons. When my dog comes in all soggy from playing in the wet grass, the quick-release feature makes changing to a dry sweater very convenient.

Our Dogs Love To Be The Center Of Attention

Many events that we attend, call for us to dress-to-impress. And when we attend those events that allow us to bring our small dogs, what can be more natural than showing up with our dog dressed in one of her stylish small dog sweaters? There are many events that we attend where we want to make a favorable fashion impression. And our fashionable pooch can be a striking fashion accessory. It’s fun to accessorize your fashion friendly pooch. There are many colorful and stylish small dog sweaters that can really liven up social events, celebrations and holiday festivities. And your dog will love the extra attention!

Seasonal small dog sweaters in holiday colors are always a big hit at parties and get-togethers. And your little doggie decked out in a festive holiday sweater will really make an impression on your guests. I know you can picture your little pup helping you host your party wearing some top quality small dog sweaters in bright red and green holiday patterns, or in classic black and white snowflake patterns with a white scarf and booties. Scooting happily from guest to guest with the utmost elegance.

For Halloween parties you could have fun dressing your little guy in a glow-in-the-dark skeleton outfit, or your little darling as a ballerina in an adorable tutu. Or for the ultimate in elegance, the white satin gown with a sparkling rhinestone tiara. The list of fun doggie outfits that can match your special events is endless. You can get fashionable small dog sweaters with stars and stripes for patriotic events, shiny small dog sweaters with ribbons and bows for classy fundraisers, matching colors for company, religious, or club picnics, teams colors for sporting events, and colorfully festive theme outfits for those special birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Matching accessories like designer dog collars, leggings, hats or doggie sunglasses can add a fun flavor to any of your four-legged friend’s ensembles. And there are good online suppliers of all sorts of fun novelty sweaters for toy dogs and the smaller dog breeds. Pampering your little pooch with some small dog sweaters can be fun and fashionable. And taking the little extra time to coordinate your dog’s outfit with your own can really make the impression you’re looking for. It show’s how much you care about your little doggie friend and shows your keen fashion sense at the same time.

A stylish small dog sweater can also go a long way to keep your chilly dog comfortable when you go out for those all-important walks about town. Remember … the right outfit can really show off your dog’s vibrant personality, as well as your own exquisite taste.

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