Pet Containment Systems: What You Need To Know To Choose

There are many different types of dog supplies that can be classified as pet containment systems. If you’re looking for a better way to contain your pet, chances are you may already have a good idea of what you need a containment system to do. Knowing this, you can quickly focus on the type of dog containment system that will best suit your needs.

Types of Pet Containment Systems

Pet Gates

Pet gates are a great way to keep your pet contained in a certain area of your home. They are available in many different sizes and are specially designed for placement at the top or bottom of stairs, doorways and irregular openings. Some dog gates are hardware mounted and others offer the convenience of pressure mounting. If you’re looking for a safe gate for the top of a staircase then check out the Kidco Safeway Stair Top Gate. This gate was rated number one by an independent consumer organization.

Tips For Selecting Pet Gates -What You Need To Know Before You Buy One

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Pet Doors

Pet doors provide freedom for both you and your dog. Install a pet door so that your dog can let himself in and out. No more rushing home or getting up at inconvenient times to let the dog out. These types of pet containment systems are available for any size dog. You can even get large dog doors or an extra large dog door for the larger dog breeds. Even if you have a glass sliding patio door you can still enjoy the convenience of a pet door. Patio door panels are available that will work with a standard sliding door and can be installed in minutes. There’s even a self-locking automatic pet door system that offers convenience and security for your whole family. With the addition of a pet collar tag system your dog will have the ability to open and close your sliding door whenever he wants to come in or go out. Your family members can also gain quick and easy access with the addition of a security keypad.

What You Need To Know About Pet Doors Before You Buy One

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Dog Crates

If you have a dog that tends to get into mischief when left home alone dog crate may be the perfect solution. A hyperactive or an aggressive dog can be safely contained in these types of pet containment systems when you are entertaining visitors. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. Small dog crates are available for our little canine friends and large dog crates for our bigger ones. There are even convenient portable dog crates.

It’s best to start crate training as a puppy, but with a little extra time and patience, most adult dogs will learn to accept being crated. Crates are also excellent for containing your pet in a vehicle, especially while driving. If you’re planning on moving your crate around a lot you may want to consider getting a collapsible pet crate.

Selecting Dog Crates Isn’t Difficult When You Ask The Right Questions
How To Select The Proper Size Dog Crate

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Pet Carriers

Just as the name implies, pet carriers are pet containment systems designed to safely protect your dog while being transported.You can choose from hard plastic pet carriers or soft pet carriers. Look for an airline approved pet carrier for plane travel. And depending on your pooch’s size you can choose from small dog carriers, large dog carriers, all the way up to an extra large dog carrier.

Three Good Reasons Responsible Dog Owners Use Pet Carriers To Safely Contain & Carry Their Pets

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Pet Vehicle Restraints & Containment

While traveling in vehicles, it is highly recommended that you make use of pet containment systems. Leaving a dog unrestrained in a automobile can lead to any number of dangerous mishaps. Your pet can easily interfere with the operation of the vehicle or can get tossed about if the ride gets rough. Having a dog dart out of an open door or window is very dangerous and can be avoided with proper pet containment systems. Besides using a portable dog crate or pet carrier there are also dog seat belt harness systems and vehicle pet barriers that will make the car travel safer for everyone.

Five Important Reasons To Use Dog Seat Belt Harnesses
Vehicle Pet Barriers Make Traveling With Our Pets Safer For Everyone

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Outdoor Dog Pens & Kennels

If you need to confine your dog to a small area try an outdoor dog kennel.These pet containment systems are completely closed in and come with a sunscreen top to protect your pet from the sun. A kennel provides a safe place for your dog to get some exercise or just hang out. There are many styles of dog kennels. You can easily make your selection from a portable dog kennel to a variety of large cyclone fence dog pens.

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Indoor/Outdoor Pet Exercise Pens

Once you own a portable exercise dog pen you’ll always have a place that your pet can get some exercise. Some of these pet containment systems are designed to attach to a wire dog crate or to another exercise pen.If you are planning to use your pen outside, for maximum safety you may want to consider getting a MIDWEST exercise pen with a durable black e-coat finish.

If you’re planning on traveling with your dog pen look for a large portable dog kennel that folds flat for easy moving and convenient storage. Large cyclone fence dog pens and pet exercise pens are sometimes called pet yards.

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Invisible Electronic Dog Fences

If you’ve been unable to teach your dog to stay in the yard… an electronic dog fence can be a great training aid. Some dogs would be perfectly content to stay within the boundaries of a physical fence but their owners may be unable to provide them with a fenced in yard. Other dogs simply haven’t learned their boundaries. These dogs see nothing wrong with digging under or jumping over a small dog fence. If you’re experiencing either of these problems then an electronic pet fencing system may be the way for you to go. Some invisible pet fence systems even allow you to keep your dog out of specific areas – like your garden.

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Dog Houses

If your pet lives outdoors or spends a great deal of time outside… you’ll definitely want to learn about dog houses. When properly used a well designed dog house will provide your dog a safe and secure place of her own.It can also provide necessary shelter from the elements year round. Be careful where you position your dog house. The internal temperature of a dog house placed in the direct sun, especially in the summer months, can be like an oven. And a dog house in extremely cold weather conditions may not provide enough shelter for your dog.

Always use a dog house with caution and check your dog’s house frequently as weather conditions change. When used responsibly a dog house can be an excellent pet containment system. There are many varieties to choose from depending on your requirements. You can get custom dog houses built if you need a small dog house for your little pup. Some even find uses for a dog house indoors.

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