Home Dog Grooming: Get the Essential Tools & Starting Saving!

Is Dog Grooming Costing You A Small Fortune?

Dog grooming at home can save you a lot of money. Most family pets don’t need fancy haircuts or expensive spa treatments. If you’re willing to learn and apply home dog grooming basics you can keep your dog happy, healthy, and clean with a home dog grooming routine. You’ll be spending quality time with your dog and saving some money too. It’s important to keep a variety of home grooming supplies and tools on hand to properly care for your dog’s eyes, ears, teeth, nails, skin and coat.

For example, to groom your dog’s coat you’ll need at least one brush or comb, a pet shampoo and grooming conditioner. If you want to go further and cut and style your dog’s hair you’ll need a scissor. An electric dog clipper would also be a good investment and make the job much easier. Many electric pet clippers have an assortment of attachments that will help you maintain a consistent length while trimming your pooch. This is much easier than cutting free hand with a scissor and a comb. It’s also safer is you dog doesn’t like to sit still.

Introducing Home Dog Grooming

Introducing a home dog grooming routine will be much easier if your dog isn’t shy about being touched and handled. For example, if your dog will not let you hold his paw he’s not going to warm up to having his nails trimmed. So before you attempt to trim your dog’s nails it would be best to spend some time getting him used to having his feet handled. You could start to desensitize your dog by touching his paws a few times a day. Proceed very slowly. If your dog resists just act like you didn’t touch his paw and try again a little later. Each time he responds in a positive manner he should be given a dog treat to reinforce his good behavior. Gradually your dog will learn to associate paw touching and holding with the positive experience of receiving a treat.

If you don’t take the necessary time to do this it will be very difficult for you to trim this dog’s nails. And your pet will always see this home dog grooming activity as negative. Dog’s that don’t like having certain areas of their bodies touched will require some additional effort… but the time spent will be well worth it.

Home Dog Grooming Training

As with any training process, be patient with your dog and in the beginning keep your home dog grooming periods short. Be mindful of any sores or sensitive areas on your dog and take care to be extra gentle while grooming these areas. Also make a note of the places that your pet enjoys being touched. If your dog has just patiently let you groom a sensitive area without too much fuss… you may want to follow up by working on an area where you know your dog likes to be touched… like scratching behind the ears.

Try to keep your dog as comfortable as possible during each home dog grooming session. Remember to constantly communicate with your dog and talk in a reassuring voice. As with any type of training reward your dog’s good behavior with some dog treats. And don’t coddle negative behavior. If you do you’ll be sending mixed signals to your dog and reinforcing the negative behavior. If you keep your home dog grooming process positive, over time even a resistant dog can grow to like all the attention it brings. If home dog grooming is always a battle of wills between you and your dog, your dog will see it as a negative experience and will continue to resist it.

Training your dog to behave during home dog grooming sessions is well worth the effort. You will be able to accomplish routine grooming at home, detect health problems early and avoid the cost of a professional dog groomer.

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