Dog Eye Care – Pet Eye Care Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have On Hand!

By having the proper dog eye care supplies on hand you will be able to treat your dog’s minor eye irritations quickly and easily. By their very nature, dogs poke their faces into environments that are not always face-friendly. We all know how sensitive the eyes are. Just the thought of your dog’s open eyeball rooting around in a hole trying to locate that bone that was buried last month makes you want to blink your eyes. Just imagine, dirt flying tn 144637 6191 B Dog Eye Care   Pet Eye Care Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have On Hand!everywhere and your dog happily ignoring the clot of dirt gathering at the edges of his or her eye. Or worse yet, chasing a ball relentlessly through the bushes with complete disregard for all the sharp little branches poking out!

Keeping a variety of dog eye care supplies on hand makes complete sense considering that our pets count on us to attend to their eye care needs.How many times has your dog come up to you, all happy and excited to see you, with one eye blinking away and a snout covered in dirt?

You know that if your dog could talk there would be an immediate reference to some sort of eyedropper or pet eye wash. But your dog just blinks away and is content just being near you. At times like that, if you had a pet first aid kit with a sterile dog eye care solution you would be able to quickly rinse your dog’s eye, making you both feel better about the situation. It’s not difficult to rinse out your dog’s eyes with eyewash and it will definitely help soothe any minor irritation as well. Pet eyewash can also be used to routinely clear away dried mucus secretions and discharges from your dog’s eyes.

Rinsing Your Dog’s Eyes With A Sterile Pet Eye Care Solution

One of the easiest ways to rinse your dog’s eyes with eyewash is at the bathtub.If you have a small dog, just set the dog into the tub and rinse away. This minimizes any mess you would need to clean up. Just rinse any dirt or dust right down the drain. If you have a large dog, you need only bring your dog’s head over the edge of the tub to accomplish the same task. The excess eyewash and dirt simply runs into the tub and down the drain. It does not take a long time and the relief to you dog will be immediate.

Examine Your Dog’s Eyes After Rinsing With Eyewash

It’s always a good idea to examine your dog’s eyes after you rinse them for any irritation or injury. This is an important part of your dog eye care routine.Another important dog eye care product to keep on hand is an over-the-counter antibacterial ointment. You will be able to treat minor scratches and abrasions and promote rapid healing by applying a little of this ointment to your dog’s eye.

Antibacterial ointment is one of the important dog eye care item that you’ll find in a standard pet first aid kit. After rinsing, if there is any debris lodged in the eye bring your dog to the vet immediately. If you try to remove it yourself it may just make it worse.

Does Your Pooch Have Unsightly Tear Stains Around Her Eyes?

There are also dog eye care supplies that improve the appearance of your dog. Many dog breeds end up with dark tear stains under or at the corner of their eyes.These unsightly stains are difficult to remove at bath time with ordinary soap solutions.

Tear Stain Remover is formulated to gently and safely remove those unsightly stains from your dog’s eyes. You can choose tear stain removal pads or a tear stain removal & whitening gel. With regular use these dog eye care products will help you keep your pet’s coat looking clean, soft and shiny. There are also eye stain removers that you sprinkle directly into your pet’s food. They work by preventing the underlying causes of dog eye staining.

Protect Your Pet’s Eyes At Bath Time

Are you concerned about shampoo working its way into your dog’s eyes? Wouldn’t it be great if you could protect your dog’s eyes from burning and redness in the event that some shampoo did get into your dog’s eyes? Now you can just put a little Eye-Safe for Pets in each eye before you give your dog a bath.

Is Dog Eye Care Important To YOU?

When our dog’s eyes are red or sore we feel we have to do something to fix the problem. We can’t help ourselves… we love our pets and want them to feel good, be happy and continue loving us back.Many of us have had to go through the stress of dealing with a dog eye infection or dog allergy. We’ve had to face the unnerving dilemma of our first exposure to dog eye discharge and fought back the panic as best we could. Wouldn’t you have loved the comfort of having someone let you know what you were up against? Sometimes what starts out as a terrifying ordeal turns out to be relatively simple, everyday canine health problems. And once you’ve been through a few it’s much less stressful.

So tell us your story (worst or best) and we’re sure that someone will benefit from your insights.

  • What do you think of over-the-counter dog eye drops?
  • Was your vet’s diagnosis right on the money?
  • What tricks did you come up with that helped in treating or comforting your pooch?

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