Dog Christmas Gift Ideas For The Nice Doggy On Your Holiday List

Crazy about dogs? Why not enjoy giving a dog Christmas gift as much as you love receiving one? We all know that Santa is famous for checking his list twice to see who’s naughty or nice…

But dog lovers check their lists twice to make sure they’re not overlooking any special dogs or the people who love them… both perfect opportunities to give a dog Christmas gift. If your Christmas list is like mine it’s filled with the names of family members, close friends, acquaintances and business associates. And let’s not forget a dog Christmas gift for their pets! Check your list twice to make sure you’re not missing out on giving a special dog Christmas gift to the dog lovers on your own holiday list.

Give A Dog Gift They Can Use Together

I just love dogs… and like most dog lovers I really like getting a dog Christmas gift.

The dog Christmas gift can be something for me personally like a piece of dog jewelry or a dog figurine… or something fun for my dog like a new dog toy or yummy dog treats… or a gift that my dog and I can use together.

Recently for my birthday I got a really neat dog gift. Or I should say my dog and I got a really neat gift… a doggie back pack that my dog Max could wear filled with a wonderful assortment of tasty dog treats. Now when we go hiking Max carries his own stuff!

At Christmas time I like to get a gift especially for each dog lover’s dog. It’s such fun to include our canine friends in the Christmas celebration. A dog Christmas gift doesn’t have to be expensive either… it’s always the thought that counts. A chew toy, ball or even some yummy dog treats probably won’t blow your budget and your gift will be met with excitement and lots of doggie kisses.

Include Your Dog In The Holiday Fun

My friend’s dog Taz likes to unwrap his own presents. All his friends know to put a couple of pieces of yummy smelling doggie treats in with each gift.

This way on Christmas morning when the family gathers in the living room Taz never needs any help finding his dog Christmas gift.

It’s great fun to include the family pooch in the holiday excitement. And it can be as much fun picking out the dog Christmas gift that is just right for those special doggies on your list.

Here Are My Top 10 Favorite Dog Christmas Gift Ideas:

  1. Dog Christmas Stocking – A simple, festive, off the shelf stocking filled with a variety of tasty dog treats and chew toys… a dog’s Christmas dream come true. For a more personal touch buy an ornamental keepsake doggie Christmas stocking and fill it with your choice of yummy dog treats and irresistible dog toys.
  2. Dog Jewelry – It’s not uncommon to see a fashion conscious pampered pooch strutting around in fine dog jewelry… and just loving all the extra attention. Another piece of chic dog jewelry… like a crystal barrette, collar tag or pear necklace… would really get this pups tail waggin’. The fashion conscious canine can never have too much jewelry!
  3. Talk to Me Treat Ball – Not only does this toy dispense tasty dogs treats it will also play your recorded message for your dog every time it’s jarred. Lots of fun for everyone.
  4. Dog Clothing – A fun high fashion outfit would be perfect for a chic little pooch that loves to be the center of attention. And for the active canine, a rugged dog coat with a pair of dog boots will provide some much needed protection while romping in the great outdoors.
  5. Tennis Balls – A favorite of all ball fetching pooches. Now available in a variety of sizes… golf ball size for small dogs that can’t get a regular size tennis ball in their mouth… all the way up to a giant 9” tennis ball. You’re sure to find the perfect size ball for your dog.
  6. Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine – This is the ultimate doggie treat vending machine… it even looks like a gumball machine.
  7. Soft Bite Floppy Disc – Perfect for a Frisbee dog. It’s soft… easy to throw… flies great. It can even be folded and put in a pocket. But best of all it’s easy on a dog’s mouth!
  8. Squeaker Toys – look for the ones with replaceable squeakers… if your dog’s like mine he just loves to destroy those squeakers… so order a few extra to go with your gift.
  9. Humanga Tongue – This toy is for the dog lover with a sense of humor. It puts a unique twist on the popular ball toy. Picture a big red tongue hanging from a dog’s mouth as he runs around with the ball part in his mouth. This dog toy is absolutely hilarious!
  10. Bow Lingual Translator – The dog translator. Translates your dog’s barks into one of eight emotions and plays back one of nearly 200 phrases to help you understand what your pooch is trying to express. Although this is considered an entertainment product, it’s pretty accurate more times than not. Great fun!

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