Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Keep your dog’s coat looking tiptop! Using the right dog brushes, combs, and tools is a great start. Here’s some help in sorting out the many varieties of tools to keep your dog’s coat healthy and neat.
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The tools you should have will depend on the needs of your dog’s coat. The coat and skin of most dogs will remain healthy with a minimum of grooming and care. The two most important factors to a healthy coat are regular brushing and proper diet.

Brushing your dog’s coat removes loose hair, tangles & mats, and other debris. Dog brushes also spread the natural skin oils throughout your pet’s coat, which keeps it healthy and gives it that shiny look. It will be much easier to maintain your pet’s coat when you have the best dog brushes and other grooming tools for the job.

Grooming Brushes

Dog Grooming Combs, Rakes & FURminator Deshedding Tools

Clippers & Other Dog Coat Grooming Tools

If you’re not sure what type of coat your dog has… and the best dog brushes, combs and other tools you need to keep it looking great… you may want to consult with your breeder, veterinarian or a professional groomer. Once you understand how to care for your dog’s coat you will be able to choose the best dog brushes for shedding, combs and other coat grooming tools that will keep your dog’s coat looking fantastic.

If your dog is short-coated, “boney” or has sensitive skin due to a skin disorder… make sure to choose dog brushes and combs that are gentle on your pet’s skin. So you don’t aggravate these sensitive problems, you’ll want to use brushes with rounded polished tips. You may pay a little more for them… but they’re definitely worth it for your dog’s comfort. And the less your dog resists… the easier to groom your dog.

Higher quality dog brushes and combs that have rounded polished tips will not irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. A dog brush and comb will easily reach the skin of a short-coated dog. Repeated brush or comb strokes with lesser quality grooming tools can quickly irritate your dog’s skin. When grooming becomes painful your pet will start to resist.

Dog Grooming Brushes

Ionic Pet Brush

Ionic Pet Brush Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Ionic Pet Brush

Brushing your pet’s fur may be one of your least favorite jobs and sometimes your lovable pooch doesn’t care for it much either. Not only is it a challenge for animals to sit still for prolonged periods, but the bristles on combs can be irritating to the skin; plus they don’t do the job of really cleaning the coat. The ionic pet brush offers an inventive solution to standard brushing. An ionic pet brush is battery-operated and uses a stream of positive ions to clean a dog’s coat. Even better, this handy device reduces smells from the fur by neutralizing odors, leaving you with a cleaner smelling pooch in no time!

The way in which an ionic dog brush works is quite unique. It relies on safe levels of ozone that are released into the air to neutralize odors, as well as positive ions to clean hair. It doesn’t take long for dog owners to fall in love with this gadget, as it gets the job done well in about five minutes. For quick cleaning touchups there’s no need for messy soap or water, and you can enjoy a tool that eliminates the need for chemically-enhanced products, a common find with good smelling shampoos and sprays. While this device is most commonly used on canines, it can also be used on cats, horses and rabbits.

Even with the large selection available, an ionic pet brush is affordable and doesn’t cost much more than a regular brush. It works well to detangle fur, plus add softness and shine. To keep consistent with its ease and functionality, the dander can be removed from the device for quick and easy clean up that avoids hair from getting all over the home, furniture or clothes. For the most versatile option, look for a model that has interchangeable attachments, such as a faceplate for long-haired pets and one for short-hair breeds.

Since an ionic brush is pretty affordable, it’s not a bad idea to spend a bit more in order to get a product that has extra features. For example, some brushes come with massaging options that relax your pooch and stimulate circulation. Others feature ultrasonic waves that help to repel fleas, keeping your pet safe and protected. Noise is also an issue, as softer sounding devices are less disturbing to dogs and will in turn encourage them to sit for longer periods of time. To make the most effective use out of your time, find an ionic pet grooming brush that also de-sheds fur.

These types of online pet supplies require batteries to work, which is why many have an automatic shut-off feature if the comb is left on for more than a few minutes. Some models also feature a low-battery light so you can replace the batteries before they run out in the middle of a much-needed brushing job! In general, the device should be lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, as well as have bristles that can be easily cleaned out. Their small design and plastic construction usually keeps consistent with these convenient features.

While local pet supply stores generally carry ionic bath pet brushes by a few manufactures, you’ll find the best deals and variety online. This also allows you to read through the features and reviews; finding the best tool for your money. Some combs are general in nature, being used for all types and sizes of dogs. Others are more specific and it’s often these gadgets that are the most beneficial for breeds. Shopping for pet supplies online often offers the largest selection at the lowest prices, plus options for free or low-cost shipping.

Vacuum Dog Brush

vacuum dog brush Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Vacuum Dog Brush

Pets are guaranteed to bring you a lifetime of happiness, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with a laundry list of work. For pet owners, dog hair is one of the biggest complaints. Most breeds are shedders and it doesn’t take long for the home to become covered in pet fur, while also making certain dogs look a bit shaggy. Fortunately, there’s a cleaner solution than just brushing your pet’s fur – a vacuum dog brush! This innovative tool takes the place of a standard comb and comfortably brushes a pet’s fur without leaving fly-a-ways or clumps around the house.

What makes this dog brush vacuum attachment so special is that it takes care of two jobs. First, it combs your pet’s hair and removes dead and loose particles. Second, it sucks everything up so that you’re not left with balls or clumps of fur on your carpet, clothes or furniture. The suction from the hose immediately sucks everything up, while remaining comfortable for your pooch. All that’s left behind is a happier pet and a shinier coat, no more fur settling into the corners of your house!

Positive reviews show that pet owners love this vacuum dog brush, as it’s easy to use, lives up to its expectations and is affordable. There are several different products on the market, yet most agree that spending more isn’t absolutely necessary. The factors that are most important to look for are comfortable bristles, a durable suction and a flexible head. It also helps if the attachment has a 45 degree angle so that it’s better able to lift the dead skin cells and loose fur comfortably. Using the device with a flexible hose will also help you to reach awkward spaces, such as under the belly and legs.

A pet hair vacuum is designed for a variety of pets; most commonly dogs that have thicker coats. Since there are different brands available, it’s important to make sure that the one you choose is compatible with your vacuum cleaner. Also look for a model that includes a flexible hose that is made to fit most types of cleaners, as this ensures a good fit. If you’re still not sure, check with the manufacturer of your cleaner to see if they offer a specific attachment that is made for your machine. With some pets it’s worth looking into longer hoses to lengthen the distance between the actual noise from the machine and the animal.

While a dog hair vacuum that has a 45 degree angle is easiest to use, others have a rounded end instead. This round shape is also easy to work with and allows pet owners to give their pooches a bit of a massage. Although some pet owners worry about the suction being too strong for their pet, most find that this clever device works just fine and won’t bother a pooch in any way. In fact, many dogs enjoy being vacuumed instead of brushed, as the bristles on combs can be irritating and rough to a pet’s fur. Even more exciting is that a dog vacuum brush is more effective than just brushing or combing, as it collects the follicles and dead particles from the undercoat. In this way, you’re able to be proactive and prevent these allergens from landing on the home’s surfaces.

The smart shape of these brushes is also noteworthy, as the metal shedding blade prevents flyaway fur from sticking, a common complaint with soft bristles. The head is made from plastic, making it lightweight and easy to use, and most feature a type of non-slip handle that gives pet owners a firm grip on the device. Reviewers also love the ease of this product, as de-shedding pooches has never been faster or easier than with a dog brush vacuum.

markiii Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Slicker Dog Brush

Slicker Brush – These dog brushes for shedding have fine wire pins that are secured to a flat base. The pins are bent at an angle approximately halfway down the pin. Slicker Dog Brushes for shedding are available in a variety of sizes and degrees of pin stiffness.

Slicker dog brushes for long hair is usually used on long-coated dogs. A slicker is an ideal brush for removing loose hair and mats. They can also be helpful in dematting long and curly coats.

Part the coat and start brushing out from the skin in short stokes. The heavier and thicker the coat, the stiffer the pins should be. If you’re looking for a high quality slicker dog brush for shedding check out Chris Christensen slicker brushes. They are available in a small and medium size head.

A027G Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Pin Brush

Pin Brush – These dog brushes are usually oval and have metal bristles set in a flexible rubber base. If you have a dog with a curly, wavy, wiry or long coat you’ll definitely want a pin brush. These are the best dog brushes for dematting and work great to separate and untangle knots.

Make sure you get a brush that has polished pins or coated pins so the brush doesn’t scratch and irritate your dog’s skin. Over time a brush with coated pins may need to be replaced if the bristles lose their coating.

Chris Christensen oval pin brushes are top quality brushes and are definitely a good investment and may last your dog’s lifetime if properly cared for. These brushes are also available in different pin lengths for a variety of coat lengths, textures and fullness.

4258312513B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Combination Pin/Bristle Brush

Bristle Brush – A bristle brush is best used on short-coated dogs for everyday grooming and to remove surface dust and dirt. On a long-coated dog a bristle brush can be used to finish the coat and bring out its natural luster and shine.

Combination Pin/Bristle Brush – These dog brushes provide the convenience of two brushes in one. A combination pin/bristle brush has bristles on one side, which is good for grooming the short hair areas of your dog’s coat. On the other side a pin brush which will penetrate the coat of a long or double-coated dog.

4258367673B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Porcupine Brush

Some people find these combination dog brushes awkward to get used to especially on long-haired breeds. The bristles of the passive side of the brush can sometimes snag in the coat while brushing with the active side of the brush.

Porcupine Brush – This type of dog brush has a combination of long quill- like bristles with shorter bristles. A porcupine brush is best suited to remove loose hair and debris from medium to long-coated pets. It can also be used for everyday brushing of wiry-coated breeds.


ZG Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Zoom Groom

Zoom Groom Brush – These are ideal dog brushes for long hair but many groomers believe it’s the best brush for short haired dogs as well.

The Zoom Groom can be used on wet or dry coats so it’s great to have around at bath time. It’s waterproof; collects hair like a magnet and it’s easy to empty too.


Rubber Grooming Glove & Dog Brushes- are all designed to drag loose hair out of short-coated dogs.

4566301840B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Rubber Grooming Glove

  • Rubber Dog Brushes
  • Rubber Bathing Mittens
  • Rubber Curry Brushes

Instead of using brush strokes… you massage your dog’s coat in a circular motion. The rubber is firm, but gentle, and can be used on a wet or dry coat. The grooming glove also works well at bath time to help lather up and rinse your dog.

Dog Grooming Combs, Rakes & FURminator Deshedding Tools

There are many different types of combs, rakes, and shedding blades that can be used for general or detailed dog grooming.

A comb can be used on any type of coat and can help to remove loose undercoat, tangles and mats, fleas, and other debris. They are also handy for separating the coat during trimming or styling.

FURminator Deshedding Tool

FURminator Deshedding Tool Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

FURminator Deshedding Tool

Although, many people consider their pets to be little people with fur the fact remains that they are not humans, but domesticated animals and nothing is more evidence of this fact than the amount of hair and fur that they shed all over the place. One way to help solve this problem is with a FURminator deshedding tool, which can stop the buildup of unwanted hair and fur in its tracks.

If you have a puppy, chances are that you have already started to discover a problem with fur and hair all around your house. It can be on your bed, on your sofa, on your clothes, and even in your food. Not only can the extra hair tumbleweeds make your house look dirty, but they also present some health risks. If you have allergies, excess hair and pet dander around your home can exacerbate your problems. Also, the extra hair and dander can trigger dangerous asthma attacks in people who suffer from this condition.

An elegant solution to this problem is the FURminator dog brush. Simple in design and easy to use, the product resembles a small metal brush. Using the device is simple. All that you need to do is to run the device over the doggy’s coat as you would with a normal brush. This is where the grooming tool works its magic. The product works by collecting loose hairs on the pooch’s undercoat rather than cutting them, which adds to its comfort level. Many FURminator deshedding tool reviews have reported that the tool can remove more than 90% of the loose, underlying hair from your pet, which will help to reduce the amount of loose hair flying around your house tremendously. Effective and very safe, this tool can be used on all types of pet coats with excellent results.

Regular grooming is essential for your pet’s overall well being. For one, a good brushing will help to remove the unwanted hair and to help your pet’s coat look shiny and healthy. Also, brushing can help to improve the blood flow to the puppy’s skin and to clean off pet dander. More importantly, you can use this time to inspect your pet for any parasites, lumps, or lesions on his skin so that you can have them looked at by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Finally, this is a great time to bond with your pet. Doggies love attention and will love being pampered with the device.

furminator vacuum attachment e1323615469392 Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

FURminator Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

When shopping for this grooming tool, you will find several options. The standard model does a great job and is the most cost effective option. If you ever find that the product is not working as well as it used to, you can purchase FURminator replacement blades to make it as good as new. You can also purchase a FURminator deshedding tool with furejector. The furejector is a simple attachment that captures the loose hairs from the brush. You can also opt to buy the FURminator vacuum attachment. Similar in design to the original, this option can be attached to a vacuum cleaner, which can suck up the hair as it is removed. You’ll want to test your dog’s tolerance for this before purchasing as some canines may be scared of the loud noises from the vacuum cleaner.

The FURminator deshedding tool is a valuable device for grooming your pet. Regular grooming can not only be pleasurable for your pet, but is good for keeping your home clean and guarding against respiratory problems.

comb000 Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Metal Dog Grooming Comb

Standard Metal Comb – A standard combination comb will have widely spaced teeth at one end and finer spaced teeth at the other end. Working in small sections… comb your dog’s coat in the direction of the hair growth. Start with the widely spaced end of the comb, especially if your pet has a long or double coat. Then repeat with the finer end of the comb.

One of the best grooming combs you’ll find is the Buttercomb by Chris Christensen. This comb will glide through your dog’s coat like a hot knife through butter.

5879930001B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Dematting Combo

Dematting Comb – Like the name implies… dematting combs or mat combs are used to break up matted fur. Dematting Combs have very sharp teeth designed to split and remove mats. Always use caution when using a dematting comb since the teeth are very sharp and you could easily injure your dog’s skin. Pulling your dog’s skin while working out a mat can cause your dog discomfort. To minimize this… try to hold the hair at the roots whenever possible.

If you use a dematting comb routinely you’ll want to look at a model that has replaceable blades. So they can easily be replaced… instead of buying a new dematting tool as the blades become dull with use.

4258383182B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Undercoat Rake

Undercoat Rake – A grooming undercoat rake is a good choice for dogs with dense double coats. The teeth of an undercoat rake are designed to penetrate through the overcoat down into the thick undercoat to remove loose hair faster and easier than a standard comb. It can also be used to work out mats and tangles.

Shedding Comb – These combs have long and short teeth, which make perfect for long or thick-coated dogs. The widely spaced, longer teeth comb out the dense undercoat… while the shorter teeth separate the longer outercoat.

4258312509B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Shedding Blade

Shedding Blade – Used like brushes, gently and effectively remove loose hair from dog’s that shed heavily. Works on both long and short-coated dogs.

Flea Comb – These combs have very finely spaced teeth that remove fleas and their eggs. Always clean the in a bowl of soapy water after each stroke to remove and drown any fleas that are removed by the comb. These fine tooth combs can also be used as extra-fine facial combs.

Wow… Isn’t it great that they have dog grooming combs for everything? Maybe they’ll come up with one that walks your dog for you! Anyway… If you’re tired of trying to get the tangles out of your dog’s coat with the comb you bought from the vending machine on your last vacation…  it’s time to get some real dog brushes. The right tool makes the job sooo… much easier!

Clippers & Other Dog Grooming Tools

4391791605B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Electric Pet Clipper

And now we come to those special dog grooming tools… the tools that make it so much easier to trim your dog’s coat just the way you like it… even those hard to get at places.

If you have a breed that requires detailed grooming consider investing in an electric grooming clipper. If this is your first pet trimmer start by checking out some of the many different types of dog clippers that are available.

  • Standard Electric Pet Clippers
  • Cordless/Rechargeable Pet Trimmers
  • Mini Pet Clippers

They range from professional models to those designed for home use.  A good rule to follow is… always buy the very best quality your budget will allow.

Stripping Knives – These knives are used in a process called hand stripping. Hand stripping removes the undercoat while leaving the overcoat intact.

7668101136B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Curved Blade Scissors

If you’ve never used a stripping knife it’s best to consult a professional dog groomer before attempting this procedure. It’s not all that difficult but some techniques work better than others for different coats.

7668100131B Review Dog Brushes, Combs & Other Coat Grooming Tools

Thinning Shears

Curved Blade Scissors- A good pair of curved blade scissors come in very handy for trimming in hard to reach places. Your dog will appreciate not being poked with the scissor points so much.

Thinning Shears – Are used to achieve a more natural blending from shorter to longer areas of a dog’s coat. Just like a hairdresser… it takes some practice to get it right. But once you do it will be well worth it!

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