Tips For Selecting The Perfect Dog Bed Your Pooch Dreams About

When you tell her to go lie down in her dog bed, does your dog give you “the look” and sneak back out as soon as she can? Well, maybe her bed isn’t as comfortable for her as you may think. But before you bring home a bunch of beds for her to try out… we’ve put together some bedding features and issues you’ll want to keep in mind. Here’s a quick overview of things to consider before buying a dog bed.

Knowing How Your Dog Likes To Sleep Is Key To Selecting A Dog Bed

  • With her head propped up or resting on something
  • All curled up
  • Stretched out flat
  • On her back with legs in the air
  • Burrowed under a blanket

The position your pooch sleeps in is one of the most important things to consider when checking out doggie beds. Just think about it… if your dog prefers to sleep all stretched out flat do you really think she’ll have much use for that beautiful designer “donut style” bed that you’ve had your eye on? Just imagine how silly and uncomfortable she’d look trying to sprawl out over it! And how sad and sleepy she would be.

You’ll want to match the doggie bed to the position that your pooch likes best. If she’s a sprawler, she’ll need a larger bed without sides to sleep comfortably.

What Type Of Dog Bed Is Best For A Growing Puppy?

A very young pup doesn’t need an expensive doggie bed. A cardboard box with a nice soft machine washable blanket or some old towels will do nicely… of course you’ll need plenty of extra clean blankets and towels too.

Until your pup is housebroken and has learned the difference between a chew toy and her bed why spend money on a puppy bed… that will be soiled and most likely shredded by those needle sharp puppy teeth!

Of course if your décor demands a nice looking puppy bed, there are plenty of choices available online. They even have tougher fabrics to resist the attention of a teething puppy. And many of them have removable, machine washable covers.

Selecting A Dog Bed For A Crate Trained Pooch

If you’re crate training a puppy you can line the bottom of the crate with a soft blanket or some old towels until your pup is ready for a real doggie bed.

Although some dog owners use crate pads or mats in their pup’s crate, I prefer to use a crate bed. A crate bed has the added advantage of a plush bumper all around the bed which provides some nice cushioning from the crate frame. Always remember to measure the inside dimensions of your dog’s crate for a proper fit.

A Dog Bed Must Be Easy To Clean

If your doggie’s bed gets really smelly and dirty… she sheds a lot… or if fleas are a problem… you’ll need to wash your dog’s bedding frequently. When selecting a doggie bed, make sure that it can be easily cleaned. You’ll want one that can go in the washing machine and the dryer.

If the whole bed can’t be washed, at the very least you’ll want a removable cover that’s easily laundered. This is an important convenience. If it’s not… chances are it’s not going to get cleaned as often as it should.

Don’t Forget The Unique Dog Bed Needs Of Your Senior Dog

Just like us… age catches up with our canine friends. Older hounds often suffer from arthritis and hip problems and will benefit from a bed that provides extra padding. Look for an orthopedic dog bed that’s designed with high density foams that will cushion sore aching joints and muscles. And our older dogs are also often more sensitive to the cold… which makes a heated dog bed another nice option for our senior dogs.

Does Your Dog Love To “Kill” Her Dog Bed?

If you have a dog that just can’t resist “killing” or shredding every stuffed bed you’ve given her… it’s time for a drastic change. No, I don’t mean making her sleep on the floor… this could backfire and you may find your pooch sneaking into your bed at night… which could be a big problem if your have a big dog. I recommend checking out a Kuranda elevated dog bed. It’s a line of cozy “cot-like” beds raised slightly above the floor. Since this type of bed isn’t stuffed, chances are it won’t bring out that killer instinct that drives many dogs to destroy their soft, cushy stuffed canine beds.

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