Get Your Dirty Dog The Dog Grooming Answers You Need

Do you want your dirty dog on an extra long leash so you don’t get embarrassed when you go for a walk?  Is dog grooming important to you but tough to figure which dog grooming tasks can fit into your busy schedule? Well, you’re not alone. And luckily there’s lots of great info to help you get your dirty dog shiny and proud. There are many easy-to-accomplish grooming tips that can make canine grooming as easy a routine as brushing your teeth or polishing your favorite shoes. Whether your dirty dog has a bad breath problem, long raggedy-looking nails, or is in a desperate need of a bath, there is simple and concise advice that you can follow to create a manageable home dog grooming routine that will keep your pooch clean and healthy.

Bad Breath A Doggie Downer?

Do you close your smelly dog in another room when guests come over because his breath tarnishes the wonderful aroma of the appetizer that you’re serving? Bad dog breath is not only a matter of cleanliness but can be a sign of serious health concerns. For more info see our article on Dog Dental Care.

Dog’s Nails Roto-Tilling Your Yard?

Are your dog’s nails so long that they track clumps of mud into your nice clean house? Although most clever canines will become scarce to avoid having their nails trimmed, it is something that can be overcome. Trimming dog nails is a simple task that is best done frequently and routinely. For some great tips on techniques and ways to help your pup more readily tolerate the inevitable… see our article on Dog Nail Trimming.

Dirty Dog Bathing Tips

Bathing your dog can be a real challenge, especially if you have an energetic or easily excitable hound. Why is it that our four legged friends love to frolic in a mud puddle but will go into “evasive maneuvers” when you try to get them into the tub? Well, there are some clever tricks, techniques, and some plain ol’ sound advice for getting your dirty dog shiny and lustrous in our informative Dog Bath article.

Sometimes your dirty dog may make you want to hide behind sunglasses, or walk ten feet behind them… but even in today’s busy world it’s not too difficult to get the info you need to start a simple Home Dog Grooming schedule that will keep your dirty dog healthy, happy and sparkling.

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