Give Christmas Dog Gifts And Cure The Lonely Christmas Dog Blues

Christmas is coming! Hey Santa… don’t forget the Christmas dog gifts! And I’m not just talking about putting a gift under the tree or filling a stocking with tasty dog treats that you’ll present to Fido on Christmas day. I mean… of course you’ll still do that! But when Christmas time rolls around again and we start gearing up for the holiday festivities… remember to include your family dog in the events that lead up to the big day. As the big holiday approaches, our dogs can usually sense that something’s up. Something special. Why not include your special pooch in the holiday fun with some Christmas dog gifts?

And as we prepare for the holiday season our homes begin to fill with so many yummy smells from all of the holiday cooking and baking… just this alone is enough to send your dog’s nose into overdrive! Our dogs excitedly watch us dig out our special Christmas outfits… you know the ones I’m talking about… those brightly colored red and green Christmas sweaters, holiday aprons, festive jewelry and Santa hats!

What dog can resist getting in the middle of all those wonderful holiday decorations that we drag out from our basements, attics and garages? Wondering where the Christmas dog gifts are. And you may easily get so busy preparing for the upcoming events… decorating… shopping… cooking… wrapping presents… that you don’t even notice that your loyal canine friend is feeling completely left out. Our dog’s don’t understand why they’re not part of all the wonderful holiday hub-bub. Or why we’re not paying our usual attention to them. And before you know it Fido is on edge and singing the lonely Christmas Dog Blues… oh what’s a doggie to do!

Well, here are a few great Christmas dog gifts that will help you make your pooch feel like he’s part of the holiday festivities and not the family outcast.

Have Plenty Of Special Dog Treats On Hand For Your Pooch

If you’re like me, you do a lot of cooking during the holiday season… cookies one day… pies the next… and so on… your dog probably gets pretty worked up smelling all those tasty goodies. Can you really blame him? How many times do you have to chase your human family members out of the kitchen?

Well, here’s an opportunity to bring out some Christmas dog gifts that your pooch is sure to love. This is what I do now – I buy special dog treats as Christmas dog gifts for my dog Max and use them as rewards for good behavior. When he starts getting all worked up I send him to his bed and once he calms down I’ll give him some special tasty dog treats as one of his Christmas dog gifts. This type of positive reinforcement works very well for Max and even this little bit of attention goes a long way.

Not All Christmas Dog Gifts Have To Be Things You Buy

Christmas dog gifts can also be things you do. You know… peace on earth good will toward dogs!

My dog can’t wait to get his nose into all the holiday decorations that we drag down from our attic. All those new and different smells! He gets so excited that he can’t resist jumping right into the middle of things. Unfortunately, at the height of his curiosity we usually have to snatch him away and close him in another room to keep him out of trouble.

Here’s something I tried a few years back and it worked like a charm. First I emptied one of the decoration boxes. Next I put the empty box in the other room with my dog. I left it there for him to sniff. And he got right on it… I thought his nose would fall off! But it seemed to satisfy his curiosity and he quickly calmed down. Who would have thought that an empty box could be used as one of his Christmas dog gifts? A few minutes later he was calm enough to rejoin us in the living room… which is just what he wanted most. Christmas dog gifts like this don’t cost a penny but are priceless to your family pooch.

Too Busy To Give Your Pooch The Attention He’s Used To Getting?

As we get more and more consumed with holiday preparations, our dogs tend to get short changed in the attention department. Not understanding why… even the most loved and well adjusted family dog can start feeling rejected. Finding ways to give your beloved family pooch the attention he needs is another way you can think about Christmas dog gifts.

I stumbled on this one a while back quite by accident… while shopping for some new tree trimmings I came across a pair of dog antlers. You know… those silly things you put on your dog’s head to make him look like one of Santa’s reindeer. Max looked adorable (and very funny) parading around the house in his new Christmas costume. We laughed and giggled every time he walked into the room. Many times we stopped what we were working on just to have another look and giggle. We couldn’t resist giving him a quick rub or pat on the head. Our dog certainly got much more attention when he was wearing those antlers. And he just ate it up!

I highly recommend getting your canine pal a spirited holiday costume as one of his Christmas dog gifts. It’ll help take some of the seriousness out of your holiday preparations and your dog won’t be singing the lonely Christmas Dog Blues. So remember… Christmas Dog Gifts aren’t just for Christmas day! You and your dog can share and enjoy them throughout the whole holiday season.

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