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Recommended Dog Breed Gifts For All The Dog Lovers In Your Life

When you’re looking for great dog breed gifts you’ll notice that some dog lovers like to collect and display items for a specific breed. For these dog lovers… your gift choices are seemingly endless. You’ll find all sorts of great breed gifts for the home, yard & garden – and other novelty gifts that your [...]

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Pet Containment Systems: What You Need To Know To Choose

There are many different types of dog supplies that can be classified as pet containment systems. If you’re looking for a better way to contain your pet, chances are you may already have a good idea of what you need a containment system to do. Knowing this, you can quickly focus on the type of [...]

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Dog Toys: Satisfy Your Dog’s Need To Play And Chew

Dog toys aren’t just for fun and games – they’re necessary for a healthy and well-adjusted dog. Selecting from the abundant variety of dog toys available today, you will definitely be able to satisfy your dog’s need to play and chew. But now you can further enhance your dog’s well being by choosing dog toys [...]

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What Do You Need To Know About Dog Nail Trimming Techniques?

Take the challenge out of Dog Nail Trimming by learning these all-important dog grooming basics. This article gives the answers you’ve been looking for. Answers to the most common dog nail trimming questions about dog nail clippers and how to use them without it resulting in dog health problems or injuries. Get great tips on [...]

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Wooden Dog Kennels Enhance a Home’s Décor

When picturing wooden dog kennels, some might imagine a traditional enclosure, designed strictly for use outdoors. It is interesting to note that there is now a wide variety of wooden dog kennels for sale, each designed with both form and function in mind. They offer a beautiful indoor alternative to the traditional backyard enclosure. Indoor [...]

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Vehicle Pet Barriers: Protect All Your Precious Passengers

Vehicle pet barriers make driving with your dog safer for everyone by confining your dog to the cargo area of your car, wagon, van or SUV. You can concentrate on driving knowing that your pet is secured safely in the back of your vehicle away from passengers and out of harm’s way. A Pet Barrier [...]

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Properly Training Puppies Keeps Them Part Of The Family

Training puppies is an important step in keeping them safe and out of trouble. Untrained or troublesome pets are far more likely to be given up than well-trained ones. Just like our children, we worry that our young, inexperienced pup may be put in harm’s way. There are so many situations where an untrained puppy [...]

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Stuffed Kong Dog Chew Toys: End Destructive Chewing

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Mental Stimulation? Giving your dog stuffed Kong dog chew toys can relieve separation anxiety in your dog. Separation anxiety can take the form of destructive chewing. Stuffed Kong dog chew toys provide your dog with much needed mental stimulation to pass the time when you’re away from home. If our [...]

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Small Dog T Shirts Rock !

Small dog t shirts are an essential part of any well-groomed pup’s wardrobe. The clever and sassy sayings that are sported on t shirts has become a common and yes, necessary part of our daily entertainment and enjoyment. Whether our particular tastes run to trendy dog clothes, dog hoodies, or luxury dog apparel we’re never [...]

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The Right Small Dog Sweaters Can Really Make A Fashion Statement

There are sooo … many fashion opportunities to show off your special small dog sweaters. What’s better than showing up at the big game with your dog all dressed up in the team colors that demonstrate her true school spirit? Or in an elegant ensemble that simply sparkles with class for the big fundraiser or [...]

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